UT Ladakh
  1. This Web Portal can be used by Indian citizens to file RTI application online and also to make payment for RTI application online.First appeal can also be filed online.
  2. An applicant who desires to obtain any information under the RTI Act can make a request through this Web Portal to the Departments/Public-Authorities/Others of Administration of UT Ladakh. List of Departments/Public-Authorities/Others of Administration of UT Ladakh can be seen as following:

    List of Departments

    • Additional Registrar Cooperatives
    • Additional Registrar Cooperatives Leh
    • Animal Sheep Husbandry & Fisheries Department
    • Assistant Director Fisheries Kargil
    • Assistant Director Fisheries Leh
    • Assistant Regional Transport Officer
    • Chief Agriculture Office Kargil
    • Chief Agriculture Officer Leh
    • Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Kargil
    • Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Leh
    • Chief Engineer I&FC
    • Chief Engineer Mechanical
    • Chief Engineer PWD
    • Chief Horticulture Officer Kargil
    • CMO Kargil
    • CMO Leh
    • DC Leh
    • Degree College Drass
    • Degree College Kargil
    • Degree College Khaltsi
    • Degree College Leh
    • Degree College Nobra
    • Degree College Zanskar
    • Directorate FCS CA
    • Directorate FCS&CA
    • Directorate H&ME
    • Directorate Horticulture
    • Directorate Industries & Commerce
    • Directorate of Account & Treasuries
    • Directorate of Rural Development Department & Panchayati Raj
    • Directorate School Education
    • Directorate Uraban Local Body
    • Director Social Welfare
    • Director Tourism
    • Districrt Youth Service & Sport Officer Kargil
    • Districrt Youth Service & Sport Officer Leh
    • District Election office Kargil
    • District Election Office Leh
    • District Employment and Counselling Centre Kargil
    • District Fund Office Kargil
    • District Fund Office Leh
    • District Industries Centre Kargil
    • District Industries Centre Leh
    • District Information Centre Kargil
    • District Information centre Leh
    • District Offices PD& MD Kargil
    • District Offices PD& MD Leh
    • District Programme Officer ICDS Project Kargil
    • District Programme Officer ICDS Project Leh
    • District Sheep Husbandry officer Kargil
    • District Sheep Husbandry officer Leh
    • District Social Welfare Kargil
    • District Social Welfare Leh
    • Divisional Forest Kargil
    • Divisional Forest Leh
    • Food civil supplies and Consumer Affairs
    • Food Craft Institute leh
    • General Administration Department, Ladakh
    • Geology and Mining
    • Governor Secretariat Ladakh
    • Govt Polytechnic kargil
    • Govt Polytechnic Leh
    • Handicraft Office Kargil
    • Handicraft Office Leh
    • Handloom Office Kargil
    • Handloom Office Leh
    • Horticulture Development Office Leh
    • Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Kargil
    • Industrial Training Institute ITI Leh
    • Joint Director Hospitality Protocol
    • Joint Director Information
    • Kargil Development Authority
    • Leh Development Authority
    • Mechanical Division Kargil
    • Mechanical Division Leh
    • Office of Assistant Director Toursim Office kargil
    • Office of Assistant Director Toursim Office Leh
    • Office of Deputy Commissioner Kargil
    • Office of the Assistant Labour Commissioner, Kargil
    • Office of the Assistant Labour Commissioner Leh
    • Pay and Account Officer Kargil
    • Pay and Account Officer Leh
    • PWD Office Kargil
    • PWD Office Leh
    • Regional Transport Officer
    • Rural Development Department Kargil
    • Rural Development Department Leh
    • School Education Department
    • Secretariat Animal Sheep Husbandry Fisheries
    • Secretariat Civil Aviation Department
    • Secretariat Disaster Management Relief, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Department
    • Secretariat Election Department
    • Secretariat Food Civil Supplies Consumer Affairs
    • Secretariat Forest Ecology and Environment
    • Secretariat Health Medical Education Department
    • Secretariat Home Department
    • Secretariat Information Department
    • Secretariat Information Technology
    • Secretariat Labour Employment
    • Secretariat Law Department
    • Secretariat Mechanical Department
    • Secretariat PHE IFC
    • Secretariat Planning Development Monitoring Department
    • Secretariat Public Works RB
    • Secretariat Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department
    • Secretariat Science Technology
    • Secretariat Social and Tribal Welfare Department
    • Secretariat Technical Education & Skill Development Department
    • Secretariat Tourism Culture
    • Secretariat Transport Department
    • Secretariat Youth Services & Sports Department
    • Secretarit Higher Education Department
    • Secretarit Power Development Non Renewable Energy
    • Secretarit Revenue
    • Superintending Engineer Mechanical Circle Ladakh HQ Kargil
    • Tourist Office Zanskar
    • University of Ladakh
    • Wildlife Division Leh
    • Zanskar Development Authority
  3. On clicking at "Submit Request", the applicant has to fill the required details on the page that will appear. The fields marked * are mandatory while the others are optional.
  4. The text of the application may be written at the prescribed column.
  5. At present, the text of an application that can be uploaded at the prescribed column is confined to 3000 characters only.
  6. After filling the first page, the applicant has to click on "Make Payment" to make payment of the prescribed fee.
  7. The applicant can pay the prescribed fee through the following modes: (a) Net banking through SBI and its associated banks;
  8. Fee for making an application is as prescribed in the RTI Rules, 2005.Presently it is Rupees ten.
  9. After making payment, an application can be submitted.
  10. RTI fee is required to be paid by any citizen who is also below-poverty- line (BPL) as per RTI Rules, 2005.
  11. On submission of an application, a unique registration number would be issued, which may be referred by the applicant for any references in future.
  12. The application filed through this Web Portal would reach electronically to the "Nodal Officer" of concerned Ministry/Department/Public-Authority/Others under Administration of UT Ladakh, who would transmit the RTI application electronically to the concerned PIO.
  13. In case additional fee is required representing the cost for providing information (like for example copying and/or inspection charges), the PIO would intimate the applicant through this portal. This intimation can be seen by the applicant through Status Report under "View Status" or through his/her e-mail alert.
  14. For making an appeal to the first Appellate Authority, the applicant has to click at "Submit First Appeal" and fill up the page that will appear.
  15. The registration number of original application has to be used for reference.
  16. As per RTI Act, no fee has to be paid for first appeal.
  17. The applicant/the appellant should submit his/her mobile number and e-mail ID to receive SMS and e-mail alert's respectively.
  18. Status of the RTI application/first appeal/additional fees required if any can be seen by the applicant/appellant by clicking at "View Status".
  19. All the requirements for filing an RTI application and first appeal as well as other provisions regarding time limit, exemptions etc., as provided in the RTI Act, 2005 will continue to apply.
    "TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR PAYMENT AND REFUND POLICY: a. The date of application will be the, date on which fees payment is made and fees will be calculated at the time of submission of fees. b. The application fee once paid i.e acknowledgement issued from the RTI Online UT, Ladakh website, will not be refunded in any case, even if, the RTI application is rejected by the concerned authority. Therefore the citizens are advised to go through the detailed Guidelines/FAQs and ensure their eligibility before making payment. c. The fee being paid is only towards the RTI application. The application fees once paid is non-refundable even if the application is rejected for any reason. d. The application fee which is not acknowledged at RTI Online UT, Ladakh website (in case of Broken response) and the deduction has been made from the account of the citizen, will be refunded by the SBI e-Payment Gateway.The citizen will be required to contact to them. Department will not be liable in any such cases."

I have read and understood the above guidelines.